The thing I've always loved about Turkish zils is that upturned edge and the single hole that make it more agile than other zils. Problem is, the Turks don't really take their zils seriously. They don't think of it as a musical instrument. They figure that they're only going to get a few bucks for a set, so why knock yourself out? Finally, on my eighth trip to Istanbul, I brought my favorite Saroyans. I was going to be there for 3 months and had plenty of time to find a maker that was willing to work with my specifications. I would convince him that it was worth his while to make the best zil possible.
Enter Haşmet Aslan. Just a little way down the hill from Galata Tower, Haşmet has two storefronts selling musical instruments.
We got to be friends pretty quickly; he's a really nice guy. I saw that he was selling cymbals for drum kits, so I brought up the subject with him. He called the cymbal maker right away, who came right over to the shop. I showed him my Saroyans and told him what improvements I wanted. He promised me some prototypes in a couple weeks. I told him I'd like zils with single holes, and zils with double slits. I figured I would mix pairs for dancers that wanted that "play". (If you don't know what I mean by that, you're going to love learning it. I'll be offering lessons by Skype starting in May.)
When I received the prototypes, I was pleased. But instead of 2 slits, one set had 2 holes. Oops. Oh well, I tried them out. So sweet! I've never played a more agile zil! Nice tone. Perfectly in tune. These things fly. Bonus: they don't pinch my hands. One advantage of that upturned edge on the Turkish zil is that they never pinch the crap out of my palm the way standard cymbals do. The 2 hole zils have that perfect balance of control and play that makes it possible to play rhythms as complex as a drum solo. Haşmet said that he never thought of the zils as a musical instrument til he heard them.
I've been playing with them some today. I'm finding that the ones with 2 holes are almost a third (in tone) lower than the single hole. Mixing pairs might not work well on some songs, might give a richer sound on others. I think when I order them again, I'll just get them to make them with 3 holes. Then, they will all have the same tone and I won't have to mix pairs per order. To get a good roll(trill), I need 2 single hole zils on the right hand.

You can order these zils from me for $50 +$6 Shipping. Email me your address ( ), and I will send you payment info. (paypal or check) Specify 2 hole, single hole, 2 of each, or 3 with 2 hole-1 with 1 hole. I have a limited number, but am inquiring about shipping to the US (will probably increase the price.)

At the moment, Haşmet's shop is the only place in Istanbul to get them. So, save yourself a ton of frustration and walk down Galipdede Cad. to No. 103 Naturel Müzik, just a short walk down from the Galata Tower. He's also got everything else you might want to play with, saz, oud, davul, darbuka, riq, spoons, zarb, cumbuş, ney, kaval, duduk, zurna, (pant, pant, breath...)tar, kabak keman, Black Sea fiddle....
Naturel Muzik has the best zils in Istanbul!