This is a map to the Covered Bazaar in Istanbul. We've marked a couple of our favorite places. The red arrows show gates leading into the bazaar from the surrounding streets. If you leave the bazaar through the gates at the top of the map, you will be headed toward the Spice Bazaar. We like those streets. Not many tourists go there, but there are alot of fun shops for those of you interested in costume. And, as you get closer to the spice market, you'll find houseware shops with wooden spoons and other traditional kitchen implements.
As we always say...."If you get lost in Istanbul, just keep rolling downhill til you get wet. Then you'll know where you are."

Iç Cebeci Hani is a good place to find belly dance costumes. (and a w.c.) And upstairs in the courtyard is Şemo textile shop. Aziz has beautiful stuff.
The gates at the bottom of the map go out to little streets that lead back to Divan Yolu and the tram stop. The 2 gates at the bottom right lead past Nuru Osmaniye Mosque and then you turn right at the main road, which will take you past the historic Turkish bath to Divan Yolu.
The gate at the bottom left will take you toward the book market, Beyazit Mosque, and the University.
When I get lost (and don't want to be), I go uphill, watching at intersections for direction signs. They are hung high; and if you see the word "kapı", that means "gate". It's a way out. The gates at the top of the hill will get you back towards the main street.

Many tourists find themselves overwhelmed and exhausted by the bazaar. Here is how you can mitigate that quite a bit... When you walk in the main gate, just blow past the first shops. Walk like you are going somewhere in particular. Do not "give face" to the hustlers. Walk straight to the back of the bazaar and then shop your way around from there. I once had salesman at the front actually physically pull me into his shop. I gave him such a look, he jumped back. The pressure is less in the back, the crowds are less, and the prices are better.

Below, we've sized the map for printing on 2 pages. You're still going to get lost, but that's half the fun.

The Bazaar is closed on Sundays.